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While there are many books written about Christian discipleship, there are not nearly enough books on discipleship that primarily expound the Bible itself. The Apostle John wrote three letters, however, with the main purpose of helping disciples to grow.

That You May Know: A Primer on Christian Discipleship is an enriching study that will lead you through John’s teaching on following Jesus as a disciple.

This book is more than a commentary and more than a topical book on the subject of Christian discipleship. Instead, this is a primer on Christian discipleship written as a careful reading of God’s word in 1, 2 & 3 John. It’s ideal for your own individual devotional reading or as a helpful resource for your group Bible study.


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Bible Studies: The Gospel of John

(More studies coming soon!)

John 16:4b–15: The Treasurer of Jesus

The Holy Spirit is the Treasurer of Jesus: he exposes the bankruptcy of the world and enriches us from Christ’s treasury. (Exposition of John 16:4b–15.)

John 15:18–16:4a: The Enemies of Jesus

Because Jesus’ disciples will resemble Jesus, we must prepare for the enemies that we will face in the world. (Exposition of John 15:18–16:4a.)

John 15:1–17: The Fruit of Jesus

Despite the failure of fruitfulness in Adam and in Israel, God still demands fruit. Jesus bears fruit through his people. (Exposition of John 15:1–17.)

John 14:15–31: The Paraclete of Jesus

After his departure, Jesus is completing his mission—through new agents, by new activities, and from new accomplishments. (Exposition of John 14:15–31.)

John 14:1–14: The Way of Jesus

Jesus is much more than the prophets, priests, and kings of old. More than that, Jesus manifests the Father. (Exposition of John 14:1–14)

John 13:21–38: The Love of Jesus

Although contrary to our ideas of gaining glory through strength, Jesus glorifies himself through self-sacrificial love. (Exposition of John 13:21–38)

John 13:1–20: The Servanthood of Jesus

The suffering servanthood of Jesus connects to our own suffering: Jesus takes the form of a servant to save and to send. (Exposition of John 13:1–20)

John 12:27–50: The Glory of Jesus

What should detract from Jesus’ glory only glorifies him further. Jesus reveals his glory through the disgrace of the cross. (Exposition of John 12:27–50)

John 12:12–26: The Kingdom of Jesus

Jesus’ spiritual kingdom is invisible, hidden, and secret, confounding the world. Jesus is building a misunderstood kingdom. (Exposition of John 12:12–26)