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While there are many books written about Christian discipleship, there are not nearly enough books on discipleship that primarily expound the Bible itself. The Apostle John wrote three letters, however, with the main purpose of helping disciples to grow.

That You May Know: A Primer on Christian Discipleship is an enriching study that will lead you through John’s teaching on following Jesus as a disciple.

This book is more than a commentary and more than a topical book on the subject of Christian discipleship. Instead, this is a primer on Christian discipleship written as a careful reading of God’s word in 1, 2 & 3 John. It’s ideal for your own individual devotional reading or as a helpful resource for your group Bible study.


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Bible Studies: The Gospel of John

(More studies coming soon!)

John 19:1–16a: The Kingship of Jesus

Jesus’ royal power is not of this world. The kingdoms of this world rage against Jesus, but they cannot harm his kingship. (Exposition of John 19:1–16a)

John 18:28–40: The Trial of Jesus

The world’s curse does not diminish Jesus. Jesus can take the curse of the world because his kingship is not of the world. (Exposition of John 18:28–40)

John 18:1–27: The Betrayal of Jesus

We have learned much about Jesus from his signs and his teaching, but Jesus most fully reveals his true identity at the cross. (Exposition of John 18:1–27)

John 17:20–26: The Church of Jesus

As Jesus goes to the cross, he prays for true unity in his church: Jesus intercedes for the unity of his church in the gospel. (Exposition of John 17:20–26)

John 17:6–19: The Sanctification of Jesus

After praying for his own glorification, Jesus prays for his disciples. Here, Jesus intercedes for the sanctity of his people. (Exposition of John 17:6–19)

John 17:1–5: The Prayer of Jesus

In the High Priestly Prayer, Jesus intercedes for the full acceptance of his sacrifice. In v. 1–5, Jesus prays for himself. (Exposition of John 17:1–5)

John 16:16–33: The Victory of Jesus

Jesus promises us that neither his sorrow nor our sorrow will be in vain. At the sorrow of the cross, Jesus brings forth joy. (Exposition of John 16:16–33)

John 16:4b–15: The Treasurer of Jesus

The Holy Spirit is the Treasurer of Jesus: he exposes the bankruptcy of the world and enriches us from Christ’s treasury. (Exposition of John 16:4b–15.)

John 15:18–16:4a: The Enemies of Jesus

Because Jesus’ disciples will resemble Jesus, we must prepare for the enemies that we will face in the world. (Exposition of John 15:18–16:4a.)