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Today, I am launching something new: a premium membership section to this website. I plan to continue writing lots of free articles; however, beginning today, members will have access to additional, premium content.

Keep reading to find out why I’m launching a membership section to my website, the membership levels I’m offering, and how to get started.

Why I’m Launching a Membership Section

I love to write. Writing helps me fill in the gaps of my knowledge, and writing helps me remember what I have learned.

Additionally, writing helps me share the fruit of my study, thinking, and prayer with people anywhere, any time. I have seen great fruit come from out of my writing:

By this point, I have completed a commentary on Philippians, I have a good start on the book of Genesis, and I am nearing the completion of a commentary on the Gospel of John. Some day, I hope to edit these commentaries to publish them into books as I did with That You May Know.

Publishing, though, is expensive.

I publish independently because I want to retain the rights to give away my writing to anyone I choose. Because of this, I personally pay my editor and the cover designer for my book. I’m happy to pay them for their good work, but I don’t have the money to invest in these one-time costs.

In the past, I did a Kickstarter campaign to publish That You May Know. But, that fundraising platform had some serious limitations.

So, I’m launching this premium membership section to help me raise money to publish my new books.

What Membership Gets You

As a bonus, I have decided to offer the unpublished material from the commentaries I write to prepare to preach each week to members of this site, as well as complete access to books I have already published. There are two kinds of membership:

Premium Membership

Premium Membership offers complete, digital access to everything I have. This includes:

Premium Membership costs roughly the same as a magazine subscription: $25/year.

Patron Membership

Patron Membership offers complete digital and print access to everything I have: This includes:

  • Free digital access to my unpublished Bible studies (PDF format— download Genesis 3:1–7 sample study here)
  • Free digital access to my published books (Kindle, ePub, or PDF formats)
  • A free print copy of all my published books (including free shipping). You’ll get my current books when you subscribe, and then you’ll get any new books as soon as they hit the press

Patron Membership is like the Premium Membership, but taken to the next level: $99/year.

Get Started Today

To get started with either membership plan, click here to join now.