Why I Write: An Introductory Blog Post

by | Oct 31, 2016 | 0 comments

My name is Jacob Gerber, and I was called to serve as the Senior Pastor of Harvest Community Church in Omaha, NE almost a year ago. In the learning curve of my first year in this role, I have learned much about myself, my family, the church, vocation, leadership, ministry, productivity, and much more.

I am launching a new blog, then, to help me better serve as a pastor. I want to write about what I am learning for my own growth in this new role, as well as (Lord willing!) for the benefit of others.

I Write to Learn

Some people write only what they have already learned, reporting on their thorough, exhaustive knowledge of a subject. I, on the other hand, grasp general concepts first, and then I work through the details afterward. So, I often think that I know something when there are still significant gaps in my understanding.

Writing exposes those gaps mercilessly. When I write, I either know something well enough to keep the words flowing, or I don’t. And when I don’t, I discover a gap where I need to do more research and reflection.

So, I write not to tell you what I have learned, but to clarify my own learning. Until I have written about something, I cannot be confident that I truly understand it. On this blog, I hope to write to help me understand the details of pastoral ministry as thoroughly as possible.

I Write to Remember

But even when I do learn details thoroughly, I will inevitably, over time, forget many of those details. By writing down what I learn, I not only close any lingering gaps in my knowledge, but I am left with a record of my learning.

My desire for this blog, then, is to help me remember the small insights I have that do not necessarily fit into any larger writing project I might be working on at the moment.

I Write to Share Ideas

I am not comfortable saying that my goal is to teach, since I am writing chiefly as a student. But I certainly desire to share my ideas, for if I didn’t, I’d rather start a private journal.

Lord willing, and I prayerfully write in hopes that you will benefit from this blog as well.

I Write to Prompt Feedback

As a part of sharing my ideas, I write in the hopes that you can help me think through things at an even deeper level, exposing even more gaps in my understanding that I had not considered. Please share your own ideas, questions, observations, challenges, and connections to other areas. I want your feedback.

But more than that, I write to prompt the scrutiny of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes, it is difficult to see the errors of my thoughts, words, and deeds until I describe them in writing.

Therefore, I ultimately write soli Deo gloria.