Genesis 48:1–22: Blessing for Joseph’s Sons

Jacob reflects back on the gracious favor God has shown him through his lifetime, and Jacob passes on God’s grace through blessing Joseph’s children. God extends unmerited favor to his people. (Exposition of Genesis 48:1-22)

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Genesis 47:13–31: Buried in Canaan

Joseph wisely administers food to save the Egyptians, and Jacob insists that Joseph should bury him back in Canaan. God preserves the living and raises the dead. (Exposition of Genesis 47:13–31)

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The Church (Discipleship Training)

Discipleship Training #32: The Church. What is the church? Who belongs to the church? How should Christians relate to the church? What does Christ want from his church?

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Genesis 12:4–9: The Conquest of Abram

Abram's example of public witness and worship to the living God teaches us how to bear witness to the already/not-yet kingdom of Jesus Christ. (Exposition of Genesis 12:4–9)





Genesis 49:1–33: The Final Blessing of Jacob

As Jacob comes to the end of his life, he bless all his children—especially to establish the promise of a king. God blesses the world through the King of Israel. (Exposition of Genesis 49:1–33)