Genesis 36:1–37:1: The Settlement of Jacob

God excludes Esau to prepare for the coming of Christ into the world. Thus, God excludes the worldly from his promises in order to enroll the whole world as his people. (Exposition of Genesis 36:1–37:1)

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Genesis 35:1–29: The Conquest of Jacob

God brings the storylines of Jacob’s life to a close in order to open the next phase of his redemptive plan. God decreases Jacob in order to increase Israel. (Exposition of Genesis 35:1–29)

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Genesis 32:1–21: The Sacrifice of Jacob

In the moment of Jacob's greatest weakness, he comes most closely to resemble his most illustrious Descendant. God sustains our faltering faith when we are in the shadow of death. (Exposition of Genesis 32:1–21)





Luke 1:1–25: The Annunciation of John the Baptist

Why should we concern ourselves with the life of Jesus, who lived so long ago? According to Luke, because Jesus fulfills and exceeds the old covenant, we may believe in him with certainty. (Exposition of Luke 1:1–25)