Free Resources

On this page, I have compiled a set of free resources that I have produced over the years. I pray that you will find them useful as you grow as a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Free eBook: Fruitfulness & Faithfulness: The Mission and Mandate of Every Christian

Invest Your Life Well

Discover God’s breathtaking vision for the fruitfulness of his people.

Learn how to live fruitfully and faithfully in the kingdom of Jesus.

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Free Daily Bible Study

I wrote Free Daily Bible Study to help you to read the Bible every day and to understand each day’s reading in the larger context of the whole story of the Bible—and in the larger, unfolding revealing of God’s Son Jesus Christ to the world.

Each day, you will get an email from Free Daily Bible Study with a short passage to read from the Bible (based on the M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan) as well as an edifying meditation to help you understand the significance of that day’s reading.

Whether you are trying to build the habit of reading the Bible every day or are simply looking for a new devotional, Free Daily Bible Study can help you spend time in God’s word every day.

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Discipleship Training Plans

Below are a list of plans to help train disciples. See the complete list of discipleship training plans here. Each plan includes:

  1. A clear Training Objective with a short introduction to why this module is important
  2. Relevant passages of Scripture to read and discuss
  3. Relevant sections of the Westminster Standards to pull together cohesive Doctrine
  4. Suggestions for Application, including Bible verses to memorize

To learn more about these plans, please read the introductory post: Discipleship Training and The Lost Art of Disciple Making (LeRoy Eims)

The Church (Discipleship Training)

The Church (Discipleship Training)

Discipleship Training #32: The Church. What is the church? Who belongs to the church? How should Christians relate to the church? What does Christ want from his church?

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Last Things (Discipleship Training)

Last Things (Discipleship Training)

Discipleship Training #31: Last Things. How should Christians think about death? What is the future hope of Christians beyond death? What is the warning God gives for those who do not believe in Christ?

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