The Church (Discipleship Training)

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The Church: Christianity is not an individual sport. Jesus Christ saves individuals, but no in order for them to remain as individuals. On the contrary, Christ saves individuals in order to incorporate them into his body, the church.

What this means is that the church must play a central role in our discipleship and our walk as Christians. For individualistic westerners, this is a difficult truth to swallow, and increasingly larger numbers of people are refraining from joining a local church.

The Bible, however, does not envision a Christian who is not part of a local church. For more information, read this article: Why Become a Member of a Church?

Training Objective.

To understand the nature and purpose of the church, as well as to grow in our engagement with, involvement in, and love for the church.


Read and discuss:


Read and discuss:

Discussion Questions

  • What is the church?
  • How many different ways does the Bible describe the church?
  • What place does the church have in the redemptive plans of God?
  • What place should the church ahve in the lives of individual believers?


  • Consider your relationship to the church. Are you pursuing the peace, purity, and unity of the church?
  • Consider your service to the church. Are you supporting the church in its worship and work, to the best of your ability?

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