The Fall of Man, Sin, & God’s Punishment (Discipleship Training)

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The Fall of Man, Sin, and God’s Punishment: God created the world in perfect holiness and righteousness; however, the world did not remain in that state. In the garden of Eden, God gave Adam work, a wife, Sabbath rest. Beyond that, God promised Adam everlasting life, on the condition of personal, perfect, and perpetual obedience.

Adam and Eve, however, sinned against God by eating the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. What was the result of that action? What do we mean when we talk about sin?

Furthermore, how does that sin work its way through subsequent generations, all the way today? What do we mean by our “original sin” or “original corruption”? How does the corruption of our original sin relate to the actions we take as “actual sin”?

Training Objective

To understand the original sin of Adam, and especially the ongoing effects of our original corruption, from which proceed all actual transgressions.


Read and discuss:


Read and discuss:

Additionally, consider this statement from the Heidelberg Catechism (1563) on the Tenth Commandment:

113. Q. What does the tenth commandment require of us?
A. That not even the slightest thought or desire contrary to any of God’s commandments should ever arise in our heart. Rather, we should always hate all sin with all our heart, and delight in all righteousness.

Discussion Questions

  • What is the nature of our original sin?
  • How does the corruption of our original sin influence us today?
  • What are the “motions” of our original corruption (WCF 6.5)? How do we fight them?
  • What are our “actual sins” and transgressions? How do we fight them?


Prayerfully, make a plan for fighting sin at every stage of the battle:

  • How can you fight the temptations you face, especially by prayerfully eliminating areas of weakness and vulnerability (Matt. 26:41)?
  • How can you be renewed in your thinking, so that sin does not warp your view of the world (Rom. 12:2)?
  • How can you repent in your desires from covetousness that rebels against God’s law (Eph. 4:17–24)?
  • How can you turn from your active choices to transgress against God’s law (1 John 2:1)?

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